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Frequently Asked Questions​​

  • Where Are You Located?
    Bar Jalyse's service neighboring communities within vicinity of Virginia, Hampton roads area.

  • Do You Travel?
    Yes! We will travel most Eastern and South Eastern states. Additional travel expenses may apply. 

  • What Kind of Events Do You Handle?
    Anything and everything! Weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, corporate  events, backyard gatherings, Family Reunion, Class Reunion, tailgating parties, and  bridal showers. You name it, we will do it! Non Smoking events as well.

  • Is it like a "Party Bus"? 
    No. Bar Jalyes's is a mobile event venue that's delivered and set up to remain stationary during the entirety of its booking. No passengers while in transport.

  • What Size Space is Required To Fit the Mobile Lounge?
    Mobile Bar with one side open: 30’ long x 16’ wide.  Determine if your location  has adequate space for parking the trailer and folding out stage(optional). Discuss with management your area before placing deposit.   

  • How soon can we book our event?
    The sooner the better! We accept booking up to 12 months in advance. Non refundable deposit secures your booking. Remaining balance do 10 business days prior to event day.

  • What about Alcohol? Are there Bartenders?
    Alcohol is allowed, but unfortunately Bar Jalyse's does not sell alcohol. The host can provide alcohol. A Bar Jalyse's attendant can serve as  bartender as needed.  You're sure to find everything you need behind our fully functional bar with cocktail kit, mix drink machines, and wine fridge.  

  • Is there food?
    There is no food served. But we can provide recommendations for caterers.

  • Will There Be Enough Cigars?
    We offer complementary cigars with select packages to cover 25 guest. With the vast verity of cigars out there we only carry a carefully chosen few. For our cash  cigar bar additional  cigars are available for purchase. Its OK to bring your favorite  stick along with you. No cigarette smoking allowed onboard.  

  • When Does Our Rental Time Start?
    When possible, we like to show up at least 2 hours before the start of the event. It takes 1.5 hours to set up the mobile bar and the same amount of time to break down the bar. Your Event booking doesn't start until set up is complete and event is underway. Additional time can be purchased 24 hrs prior if schedule permit

  • What If Our Event Is in the Middle of No Where?
    Swell. Bar Jalyse's is perfect for "Glamping".  We don't have a restroom onboard and please no bodily fluids in the sinks. We do offer a power generator when 110 outlet isn't available to plug into. So yes, that hunting or fishing trip, we'll go as long as the trail holds the load. Extended day rates may apply.

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